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No nbn internet since last Saturday:

Level 2
Since last Sat April 4th, the Internet stopped working. We have contacted tpg and they said the problem was with nbn. They made us an appointment with an nbn technician on April 9th and asked we should have someone at home. We waited for the whole morning nobody came and chatted with on online customer service, who said nbn technician came and fixed a problem outside but we still could not be connected. It has been one week since we were not connected with the Internet. However this is not the first time we have experienced disconnection for so long. Two months ago, we experienced similar issue. TPG kept on telling us it was nbn problem but after nbn technician came a number of times it turned out to be a problem which could be solved by a tpg technician. Such bad service. We will not want to use Tpg anymore!



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