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Online moving home function not working

Level 2

Hi there, 

I have tried the moving home function online via My Account. I get to step 2 and an automated message appears "TPG NBN Bundle service is available at your address, however you will need to contact TPG change of plan team on 1300 920 158 as further information is required."


I have tried contacting the number provided but due to COVID-19, TPG has reduced the number of people working in call centres. The call ends after the automated message. I have also tried the live chat option for moving home and I get a "Our team members are currently serving other customers. We appreciate your patience. Please try again later." message. 


If I cannot connect internet at my new address, then I want to at least cancel my service at my old address as I am no longer living there. I am still paying for a service I cannot use. Can someone please help me?