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Please cancel my service immediately

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Dear Sirs,

I have been trying to cancel the service with TPG for so many days now, I've lost count. Because of the COVID-19, I could only try to do this through chat, which clearly is not working properly for cancellations. I have also tried sendind several e-mails to customer service, from which I received no answer at all.
On the 18th of March, we've started our search for an ISP, since we need to work from home now. We finished setting it all up on TPG's website, only to find out, a few minutes later, through an e-mail sent to us from TPG saying that "We regret to inform you that we are unable to proceed with your ADSL2+ with Home Phone application."
After receiving this e-mail we continued our search for a provider, finally found one that could attend us, and then, on Monday, 23 of March started receiving several e-mails from TPG saying that you were proceeding with the installation, charging and sending the modem and all that. Only, now it's too late since we already have an ISP. I refused to receive the modem and I has been sent back by the delivery company.
For that reason, I need to cancel TPG; since TPG itself said would not provide us internet, we have to cancel the service. I also wnat to know when we will be refunded.. I ask you to please solve this as soon as possible.
Rodrigo Magalhaes