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Poor connection

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How can my internet connection be so poor that not only does the movie on netflix freeze but the quality is blurred. I pay for a high speed quality connection and yet i have to put up with a substandard product.
Need to do better TPG

Hi @SuziQ 


Thanks for raising this with us.


We performed tests to check what could be affecting your connection, but we're unable to find any network-related issues. In addition, the modem is showing a transfer rate of 47.71Mbps for download. It appears that the problem could be transfer of data between the modem and your devices. If your devices are all connected via WIFI this could be WIFI-related issue.


Are you trying to watch Netflix on a Smart TV only or do you stream it on other devices as well?

If you only use one specific device for Netflix, can you test it on another device instead?

Can you also run a speedtest for us to determine the speed that you're getting on your devices?


If you need assistance with the tests, we can organize a call back from our Technical Team as well. Send me a PM  with your best contact number and preferred time for a call and we'll have one organized for you.