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my internet is not working, no move case manger will respond i need my internet on!

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we moved from 59 gordon st to 27 campbell parade manly vale. the nbn box and modem worked frm just pluggin it in, then a week later the nbn disconnected our service!! we need internet asap we have kids and im working from home.


we are paying for a srvice we cant use since the 11th of march


tried calling no asnwer, tried chat always redicrects me to case mangers for moving but again no one answers. im going to have to lanch a TIO complatint if someone doesnt sort this out ASAP... 


Hi @jphillips80,


Relocating the NBN service applies with the standard NBN installation which  generally takes less than 10 business days but can take longer in some cases, depending on the demand of NBN services in your area and the availability of the NBN technician to perform the installation.


We did an article that you may find helpful,  this will guide you on how to track your NBN service installation. How to track your TPG service installation


Once the NBN service installation is complete you may proceed on setting up the equipment or the modem/router. You may check this guide.


New Connection Setup Help.


In this particular case, we've seen that the installation is still in progress, a new appointment has been arranged to complete the installation updates will be provided via SMS or Phone call, on the other hand, we'll treat this as a complain and pass this to one of our Customer Relations Officer.

Should you need further assistance, feel free to search community for help or chat with us at  and we'd be glad to assist you.


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I'm in the same boat! BUT - we don't even have NBN in the part of Manly we are in.

We have no internet, and all of us are working and schooling from home.

What have you managed to do?