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7th week no internet no home phone

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This is 7th week no internet and landline. I have been very patient & understanding. 

I had to purchase other alternative to keep my business going which costed me over the budget. 

You sent me FINALLY the outage has been fixed. It is a BIG LIE . Still have not phone no internet. 

I also demanded the refund for the period of time I cannot use the service & you told me that I can ask the refund when this issue is fixed. 


I cannot even ask for MY MONEY back because YOU don't fix the problem. 

When do you fix this problem?   7th week is not good enough. 








Hi @AlwaysLily


Thanks for raising this with us.


The outage that experienced by our wholesaler (Telstra) is quite complex and affected multiple customers in the area, which caused the delay of restoring the service.


They may have fixed the outage, however, it appears that your service is still not working due to an isolated fault within the copper network.


A Telstra technician is booked to check your service and further updates will be given by your assigned Engineer once available.