ADSL 2+ Speed

Level 2



I've been with TPG since 2016 and been using internet without major issue.

However, since last week (Aug 2020) internet speed got very slow.

I normally speed test through, (I've got test history),

The speed used to be around 10 Mbps before last week.

But since then, it's only 1 - 2 Mbps.


I was expecting it gets better soon, but it doesn't look like it.


I have done many tries to figure this out myself.

* disconnected and connected phone line

* replaced noise filter

* replaced phone cable

* replaced modem

* disconnected everything and connected only laptop to the modem for speed test


None of them was working, speed is always same, 1 Mbps


Here's my plan detail and hope someone help to get throught this.


Plan: ADSL2+ Unlimited

thank you.


Hi @maniaytkim


Welcome to the Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and tested the line.

We've detected a possible fault within the copper network, which may have caused the slow speed issue with your service.


This has been escalated to our Engineering team for further investigation and they will be giving you updates via SMS or phone call within 24 to 48 hours.