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ADSL installation delayed due to high work load

Level 2
Level 2
Yesterday TPG was meant to do the connection, I stayed home and but no technician came. Was told on the phone when I called that the technician was able to do it offsite so access not required. However internet wasn't connected by yesterday night. Today I have got a message from TPG saying that installation was delayed due to high workload, and asked me to be home next Wednesday.

I find this quite frustrating as I have a busy work schedule and it is quite hard to be at home attending to this twice. I am wondering whether TPG could confirm that access to my home is not required as I was told previously, or have the set up done on a weekend? I just cannot take another day off work given the busy work load leading up to Xmas.

Hi @wm,


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We've managed to check the latest update on your Service Installation and it shows here that the reason why the service fault is taking too long to resolve is because of the high workload of the Telstra field technicians at your location.

We have been advised that a Telstra communications technician has been scheduled to attend to the service difficulty on 05-12-2018 8AM and 12NN.

We will continue to push our third party service provider to fast track the resolution to your issue and I will ask our Provisioning team to closely monitor the progress of your case and contact you for any important updates. We understand the importance of your service and we apologise for the inconvenience.