ADSL transition to NBN

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So NBN Co connected our building on the 9th, my TPG "installation" of NBN is scheduled for the 17th. Like everyone else I am working from home, my kids start school from home tomorrow, and internet is the only way they get to see their dad.  SOOOOO since the 9th my adsl has been CRAP. It drops out when I'm standing right next to the modem. It has no staying power and no range.  What am I paying for while I wait for this transition? I pre registered in January - TPG told me it would be NBN ready on the 9th - they refused to set up the connection or even send a modem until after the 9th - so now I have this problem .... anyone else?  I did complain - they were disinclined to assist.  


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My records shows your NBN service is schedule for the 17th. NBN is delayed on providing services due to current situation.

I am also review your ADSL service, it seems fine, have you perform any troubleshooting on your existing service?.