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ADSL2+ Install Completed, but no internet - No adsl light on

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I ordered the ADSL2+/Home phone bundle not long ago. I got the email confirming that the installation finished. However, the adsl light on the modem is off and there is no internet connection. Why is it so? 


Please help. 


Hi @wangyisu200098,


Welcome to the Community!


I've located your account using your Community details and just ran remote tests.


Currently, the results shows that your router has been connected to our network for the last 16hours.


If you're having issues in connecting your devices via wireless, please see this Community article for Wi-Fi troubleshooting steps - No Internet/Connection.


Let us know how it goes!




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I was found the problem at last night. I'm live at apartment, in our room, got 4 wall sockets, it works one on my roommate's room. How should I move it to my room?



Hi @wangyisu200098,


For ADSL2+ with TPG Home Phone, we will deliver your service to the network boundary point of that Premises. This network boundary point is typically either:


  • Your first telephone wall socket - this applies mainly for free standing premises like a house.
  • The Main Distribution Frame (MDF). This is a small telecommunications room in a common area withinyour block. This applies mainly for apartments, office blocks or larger business premises. In some cases, you may need to contact your building management to arrange access to it.
  • The “network termination device” – this is a Telstra box externally mounted to single dwellings,
    individual living units or small business premises.

If you reside in a unit, TPG is responsible for delivering the service to the Main Distribution Frame.


You would to contact the building admin should you wish to have the service delivered to a different wall socket or to multiple wall sockets in your premises.




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I will try. Thanks.