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ADSL2+ installation overdue by 7 days and not confirmed

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I had ADSL2+ installation scheduled for last Wednesday 18th March and recieved a text message that evening stating "We have contacted Telstra for an update on your TPG installation. We will call you on the next business day with more information". I never recieved this call and have not recieved any further communication from TPG. I have spent the past week trying to get in touch with TPG support via the online with no phone support due to the COVID-19 situation. I finally got through today and the TPG representative informed me that my service should be active. However, when I connect my modem following all instructions, there is still no internet light. I am using tp-link Archer VR1600v modem, which was provided to me by TPG for a previous NBN service at a different address but I believe it is ADSL2+ compatible?


I understand there must be a back log with addressing complaints currently due to the COVID-19 sutuation. However, it is this very situation that makes it essential for me to have internet access at home in order to continue to do my job, or I will be redundant.


Can someone from TPG please officially confirm the current status of my installation and if it is active, inform me as to why my internet may not be working?


Thanks in advance.


Hi @frustrated1,


Welcome to the communitY!


The standard lead time of ADSL2+ service installation. ADSL2+ Home Bundle application takes approximately 10 working days however in some cases can take up to 20 working days.

We did an article that you may find helpful,  this will guide you on how to track your NBN service installation. How to track your TPG service installation


In this particular case, we've seen that the service is installation of the ADSL service has been completed.

Should you need further assistance, feel free to search community for help or chat with us at  and we'd be glad to assist you.