ASDL2+ Still Very Slow

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Hello, I have posted on this forum before. About a month ago, I have moved to this new house and chose tpg as my broadband, I was getting very disappointing speeds of around 1Mbps, so I wrote to this forum, and linked me with the customer support who said that my internet hasn't finished installing.

Fast forward to now, 10 days after the internet should have "finished installing", I am still getting the stupidly slow speed of around 2.5Mbps.

Why is tpg's ADSL2+ so slow?


Here is a link of the speed test :


Hi @legolaslau


Thanks for reaching out to us. 


We are sorry to hear that you are unsatisfied with the speeds you were receiving.


We would be more than happy to investigate for you to see what can be done to improve your connection’s performance.


I've run tests and the results currently does not show a physical fault on the line outside that would affect the speed of your internet service. 


But I do still recommend that we have one of our technicians give you a call to resolve your issue as your service may be affected by other factors.    


Please let us know your best time and contact number via PM so I can get a technician to call you.


For your reference, please check this article on How do I private message (PM) in the community.