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Cancellation because TPG can't provide the service

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Hi there,

How long for the cancellation process? 

I applied for ADSL and home phone bundle but at the end, TPG can't provide the service because Telstra reject their document about my application (No Vacant Pair Available)

My ID is *****, please have a look into my account properly and solve it for me. 

I made 3 calls from 3 weeks but I going nowhere. They said they will call me back after a few hours but I waiting forever.

I got an email from them on Oct 22, 2018, advised that and until now I just want my refund back. Is that hard?




Hi @thanhtung08,


Welcome to the Community!


We've edited your comment with your customer ID. Please avoid the posting of personal details on the public page e.g. customer ID, telephone numbers and similar pieces of information as they may compromise your account security.


I've gone ahead and looked into this for you. It appears that you've been in touch with one of our Account Specialists yesterday and I can see that they've organised for the refund.


Please note that our refunds generally take about 5-7 days to process. This includes processing from our end and from the bank’s end.


We hope you will consider TPG again in the future.