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HELM ME! I want to change ADSL2+ plan online (NOT NBN)

Level 2

Hi. My Account name is Hayman44. I am currently on ADSL2+ Home bundle M (100GB) but I need to upgrade to a better download/upload speed for working from home. Maybe ADSL2+ Home Bundle L (unlimited) will be better?

My house will not have NBN access until the end of April. I tried to change my ADSL plan online but the TPG website only gives me option to sign up for NBN (and not any options for ADSL).
Please help me! I need help fast.
Thank you. Regards, Jo

Level 2

I'm currently with NBN and the connection suck. ADSL 2+ had less problem.

Level 14

With ADSL, the speed you have is the best you'll get, unless a line fault is slowing your connection. And a cabled device goes faster than a wifi device.

With NBN coming, ADSL changes are off the menu.

Is there any scope for using your off-peak data before 8:30 am?

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