MDF Room

Level 1



I have my ADSL+ installation scheduled this week. I have located the MDF which is in a room with an industry-standard lock possibly NMB. 


My strata tell me they cannot lend me the keys as all authorized and licensed technicians are expected to have the keys to the room. The gas and electricity people had no issues accessing the room.


Kindly advise, if Telstra technician will have the keys. In case not, then I will have to cancel installation and service altogether, as my strata have refused to lend me the keys under any circumstance. 


Please advise. 





Hi @Jethani1 ,


That's correct. All the technician should have an access key to the MDF, however in the event that Telstra Technician does not have a key they will coordinate this with your Strata Management to get an access also your presence is needed on the day of installation in case Strata requires the tenant/owner as a proof of the installation.