Missed installation window


Hi @jeremyh,


I sent an urgent email to the case manager handling your case and requested for an urgent contact to be made.




Level 1d

Hey Mc_Gerald


Why? What could be so urgent?


Unless there is a Telstra technician waiting at the door, I don't really need to be have my work day interrupted by TPG calling to say that they have no updates.


TPG has some weird ideas about what good customer service is.







Hi Jeremy,


We've heard back from the case manager handling your case and I've been advised that she is still awaiting feedback from Telstra. She will contact you tomorrow as soon as we get an update.


Kind regards,

Level 1c
And they dont bother to give you any alternatives. Tpg knows how to make people foool who chooses cheap plan. They must have culture of thinking that cheap deal grabber are cheap people. So just behave cheap. They dont value what we pay.