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NB604 Netcomm modem is constantly dropping out internet

Level 2

The internet from the NB604 modem keeps dropping in and out constantly.


The connection is a wired PC.


I have updated the firmware to the E5.CZ56T-B-NC from the support website.


Using diagnostics on the gateway it says xDSL sync FAIL and the tests to ISP are disabled or FAIL.


The WLAN light has also stopped flashing after I restarted the modem.


I have reset PC, power cycled the modem and reset the modem using a pin.


Hi @clareluong,


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We are sorry about your experience and we'd like to help in resolving this concern. I was able to locate your account using your community details and have seen the evident drop outs. I'd like to arrange a call back from our Technical Team to assist you on this matter. Please send us a message with your preferred time and number of contact. We'll be waiting, thanks!