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New ADSL 2+, TD-W9970: No DSL, NO Internet

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Hi there,

The problem is the ADSL 2+ with Home Phone had been activated (I received the ACTIVE email on 31st Jan), and all the devices had been connected, however, the DSL light in the modem is off.

I have already made two appointments, one is on 6th Feb, another is on 11th Feb. However, no one comes to help. I waste two days to waiting for the technician.

By the way, although the modem is by my own, I sure the modem is good because I test it in my friend's home (the same address but different Unit), the light can be ON.



Hi @brucewang94


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Using your community details, I was able to check your TPG account. Our records show that you have already spoken to one of our Engineers earlier today and a TPG technician appointment was booked for February 14, 2019 between 12-5PM.