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No internet after adsl2+ installation


Hi @hieuchau1,

We cannot identify if your previous provider will be able to provide you a service.


Level 1c
I ended up returning to my old provider, as tpg said that the only option was to connect to telstra's home phone plan and wait for them to come and fix their problem, which would probably take months.
Level 2
Tpg is a crap company full of dirty tricks and games. Their managers directors and big guns are crooked money gobbling cowards hiding behind junior staff. They will lure you in while making a sale and then keep. On charging you for **ty service, disconnections, lack of delivery. Their tactics are blame games, blame shifts and act smart. They will snatch your money instantly cause they will force by their twisted system to setup a direct debit so they get paid in time but what who cares about service. They use sorry and apologize like normal people breathe every day. They don't like to take responsibility but try to come up with every excuse what so ever to trick you to accept their time lines even though you have followed their in first place. Good on you, you went back to dodo. Tpg is crap because they use crap Chinese vendor Huawei with all copied equipment and software from Ericsson networks. They are group of thieves operating in Australia. Should be kicked out from every country. I'm glad Huawei is getting g banned for 5G along with ZTE. All these crook mentality money gobbling theives will face justice and get what they deserve.
Level 1c
Is this what happened to you as well?

@farhan27 We are sad that you feel this way since you have been with TPG for a long time.


Looking into your case I can see that a complaints resolution case manager has been assigned to investigate:


  • Where the modem is?
  • Was there a delay in it's delivery?
  • The disputed charges?


Our main objective is to get your TPG service working again.


I have deleted your other post as it is the same as the one above. Please see


The complaints resolution case manager will contact you directly to constantly give updates.