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No internet connection after appointment date.

Level 2
I am very upset that the internet still could not be used after the appointment date. I've received a voicemail saying that the tpg service has already been installed at the house but the internet icon does not light up at all after I've connected the modem. It has already been over a month from the the date I registered for adsl2+ home bundle and I am extremely disappointed with the installation. How long more do I need to wait to actually surf the internet? I hope you guys make a quick solution for this problem.
Level 2

Never mind, for some reason I need to wait AGAIN for the appointment with a qualified technician to do the "jumper". 


Hi @alhadi1996,

We apologise for the delay and understand you feel that your connection issue is taking far too long to resolve.

Based on the latest log on the escalated fault handled by our Engineering Team, the service has been installed however MDF Jumpering is required for the service to work.


If you wish to know more details why MDF Jumpering is required you can visit this link. TPG and MDF Jumpering a little confused


We'd like to arrange a call from one of our Engineers to discuss and provide you details of MDF Jumpering and schedule of the available technician to the job.


Feel free to PM me your best contact number and preferred time. How do I private message (PM) in the community.