No internet light on modem

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Hi there,

We are new customers connecting to our internet for the first time. We received our email saying that our service is active, but the internet light on the modem has not turned on. We have unplugged the modem and turned on again and gone through all troubleshooting steps I have found online.

I got in contact with chat support, who said our service needed to be checked by Telstra technicians. Telstra technician reported that our service passed their tests. However, we still have no internet connection.

I got in touch with chat support again and was told there was an issue with the line outside. Again, my case was passed onto Telstra technicians. Again, we were told via SMS that our service passed all tests and was OK. We still do not have internet.

Please can someone help with this matter, I am afraid I will be in a constant loop of escalating to Telstra technicians to be told our service is working fine, and still having no internet. It has been unresolved for over a week. I am working from home and can’t continue to hotspot my phone any more.

Our customer number is 6772325
We do not have home phone, it is ADSL connection only.
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Welcome to the club (having exact same problem), seems the virus is now affecting internet connections as well. Phun intended.

Keeping an eye on your post to see how quickly this gets resolved.
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    You could try manually configuring your modem.  Please see

   Your username and network password should be on an email with TPG.

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Thanks Brett. I have gone through all steps to manually configure the modem and still no change. 


I did notice in the settings under Network > WAN settings, is ways the DSL link is NOT active. 

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Do you have only the one outlet in your house? If there's another, try the router in it.

If you are using a filter/splitter, remove it since it is only needed for phone.

Telstra can't properly test the line until they check up to the network boundary, usually the first outlet in your house. You might call Telstra again and say no-one has been to your house to check the line.

See how you go.


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Thanks David!


We only have the one outlet in our apartment unfortunately, and we're not using a splitter Smiley Happy 

Do you know how I would get in touch with Telstra to check the network boundary? Have been going through TPG support so far and not having much success...

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Are you in a house or villa?

You might look around outside to find a pit right next to the house. This is where the phone line comes in from the street. It appears the network boundary is in the pit (Telstra documentation, but it depends on who you read), but a Telstra technician may still check the phone outlet inside as well.

So, you could ring Telstra 132203, tell your story (ADSL connection, router not connecting, single phone outlet without phone service, need phone line checked up to network boundary). If they accept that, they may say there will be a charge if no fault is found.

There may still be something wrong between the pit and your socket. You could take off the front of the socket and see that the two wires are properly connected to the terminals. Otherwise you need a "licensed cabler" to check from the pit to the socket.