Pathetic customer service

Level 2

Hi There,

We have done the relocating since 24 of Feb as I have been told that the internet is activated for my new address and I paid for the one-month internet service fee. However, there is no internet at all since 24 of February, and I keep calling TPG customer service to get this fixed but nowadays the issue still persists. The internet never worked properly! I am really disappointed about TPG customer service as we have been charing for nearly three weeks but no internet connection at all, and we were told to keep waiting but no technician come to fix it! I request a refund for the period of no internet connection from 24 Feb until it has been solved!
I don't know how you define the soonest time, but what I can tell is that I have waited for another week since last time they called me and telling me that they will send a technician to my home "asap" latest by 12 of March. Now, today is 12 of March, still have not received any response or call from them. I am really running out of my patience as this issue has been dragging for such a long time and still not solved. I am really disappointed about the TPG service this time as I have been with TPG for around 5 years and never happened issue like this before. I have to say that is how you lost your customer's loyalty because right now I am thinking I might try something else as I feel like my request and needs have been ignored and discounted!