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Activating additional phone sockets

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We moved house over the weekend and had our service transferred, which was actually a pretty smooth process (thank you TPG). Unfortunately, the service didn't actually work until Telstra came out and fixed something, which they did today. Now apparently, the really rude and arrogant technican that came out said that he could only fix it up to the front of the house, and that it was now TPG's problem to sort out (this means only one of the multiple phone sockets in the house provdes a connection). What do I need to do to get other phone sockets active in the house? We have 5(!) and the one it is currently connected to is actually the least convenient and provides the worst WIFI coverage. 






Hi @natey22,


If you have applied for TPG NBN, you may prefer to have internal network cabling installed at your address for your internet, especially if WiFi doesn't cover your house from end to end or you want to be sure you're always getting the maximum speed possible when transferring large amounts of data between devices in your home.

An nbn™ installation does not include additional home network wiring beyond the installation of the Network Boundary Point (typically the nbn™ Connection Box or first wall socket, depending on your nbn™ technology).

If you have applied for ADSL2+ with TPG Home Phone, we will deliver your service to the network boundary point of that Premises. This network boundary point is typically either:

–   Your first telephone wall socket - this applies mainly for free standing premises like a house.
–   The Main Distribution Frame (MDF). This is a small telecommunications room in a common area within your block. This applies mainly for apartments, office blocks or larger business premises. In some cases, you may need to contact your building management to arrange access to it.
–   The “network termination device” – this is a Telstra box externally mounted to single dwellings, individual living units or small business premises.

Click here to view a detailed diagram.


You may choose to hire a registered cabler if you'd like to have any additional home network wiring installed.