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Still not connected - help please.

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I was promised to be connected within 10 days of my account set-up on March 26, as I had already been waiting for a month prior to that for the moving home team to get me set up at my new address. It has now been 3 weeks since March 26, but I am still not connected and cannot reach anyone on the phone or or online chat or on your Facebook page.


I have been with TPG for over 7 years, and have always been happy till now - I have never experienced this kind of lack of communication.  I understand it is a challenging time right now, so I have been trying to be patient, but waiting 7 weeks for a internet connection with little to no responces is getting ridiculous now.


Could someone please get in touch and at least update me on when I will be connected?


I recieved the modem, it is plugged in and powered up. My username is valentin1989, account # 6780692.







My records shows your case has been escalated to our NBN service delivery team, We will advise you as soon as we have an update.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Level 2

Hi there,


Thanks for your reply; just letting you know that I am still waiting Smiley Happy


In the mean-time, I was advised that ADSL cannot be connected at my address (turns out there is no available line), and was given the option to cancel the installation. I will be cancelling the ADSL account, but I would still like to get NBN, so please do let me know when you have any news.