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Suspension of business account

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Im very upset with the service from TPG. I got onto support 3 times to try to suspend my business account due to Covid 19 and was on hold for a total of 6 hours. Not to mention they tried for 20 minutes to convince me that I was on NBN which I'm not.. not until I gave them proof from an email did they believe me. They just kept rejecting my request for suspension based I was on NBN. Once I proved I was on ADSL, they said I could pause my account. I finally got thru to someone yesterday on the phone and all contact with support on the phone and online said that they would transfer me to the right person.. but keep getting no service - either got disconnected or never got transferred. They obviously dont want to help their customers that are out of business due to shut down.  Im paying for a service that took them more than a month to set up and was only connected for 1 week before I had to shut my business. I have been with them for years with my home account but now reconsidering my accounts once this is all over! 

This is appalling of TPG and expect some sort of compensation for the trouble and lack of respect towards their customers!!