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TPG Relocation service is just rubbish!

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Tpg is just rubbisih!

I’ve given tpg 2 months to relocate my service. And have provided enough time and patient! I have told you guys I was overseas during Feb and have informed my building manager to provide the technician with the access to the MDF. I told tpg that technician just simply need to go the the building manager office and will have access. BUT No one came! And now you told me someone came and left because i didnt answer call? Why didn’t tpg just let the technician know what exactly I wrote in my email???


I received the email today telling me Telstra is presently unable to modify the ADSL service to my phone line and my original service will keep on operating.

I have moved out from my old address and why i have to keep the services there and pay my bills???????

And now this email even can’t give me a time when the installation can be done??

This is going crazy and now have lodged a case with Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman and let them to help me out! 

Stop charging me and doing your job TPG!


Hi @sophiacjl


We've seen your other thread and has replied on it. 


Let us continue the discussion on your thread located here to avoid redundancy and confusion.


Thank you.