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Technician hasn’t shown up twice for installation

Level 2
I have been on the phone to TPG multiple times. The technician was suppose to come last Friday. Didn’t show! They rescheduled for today and big surprise, they didn’t show again! Every time I ring tpg tells me the same thing! We have to call Telstra for the report at the end of the business day. Someone said they would call me back today because they have to. Big surprise, it’s 8pm and no one has called me back! Dear TPG, install my internet, or I will go elsewhere and lodge a complaint with the TOI! Thank you! I’m a online uni student and a full time carer. This is affecting what I do!

Welcome to TPG community, @mononohanna!


Thanks for raising this with us and my apologies for the frustration and inconvenience this is causing you and your studies. I went ahead and searched for your account on my system using your community name, but I am unable to make a match.


Can you please send us your TPG account details via private message so we can check your account and fast track the resolution to your matter.