The delays of TPG

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Here we go.
We were arranged to have our internet service for the 20th March. Happy days. Nothing was done that day after I 'd even let them know before the due time. Long story short, a representative on the phone let me know that we have been pushed to priority and it will be another 24 hours till a technician looks into it. This wasn't the case and after calling AGAIN, they said sorry for the inconvenience and rearranged for it to be setup on the 23rd. I received another message then pushing it back even further to the 26th not long after. This customer service is really horrible and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. We have been pushed back so many times, it’s really unproffesional, especially this being the first encounters with our new internet providers. 
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It gets worse once you're an actual TPG customer. Try getting them to fix service when it stops working. Impossible. I'd quit while you're ahead and pay a bit extra for a service provider with a bit more empathy for the customers' experience. 


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