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Which wall socket will be used for a new ADSL2+ service?

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I have ordered TPG ADSL 2+ today for our new premises. The house has a phone socket in the office and another in the kitchen. I plugged in an old Telstra touchphone to the kitchen socket, and can hear dial tone. The office socket is dead. 

This test tells me that the lines are not the same. How can I ensure that TPG installs our ADSL 2+ service on the office line (and not the kitchen line). The wife is not keen on having a modem/router in the kitchen and I have another non-wifi devices to attach to the modem/router in my office. 

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Hi @Grizzly If the house is only a few years old it should have a CCP (Central Connection Point) Basically a wall plate that has all the network/phone cabling available on connectors, the incoming exchange line normally would terminate at the CCP alowing you to patch it into cat 5/6 tie lines to other rooms.

The phone provider however is only required to provide service to the 1st socket, which more often than not is closest to the entry point, so if the kitchen is at the front of the house that's probably where the line terminates.

In the kitchen, is there just 1 or 2 sockets?

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Thanks @orbistat. The house is quite old (50s). In the office there is a single 610 socket. The kitchen has a single RJ11 socket. I would say that the closest to the entry is the kitchen. 

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Hi @Grizzly it sounds like the original 610 that would've been in the kitchen has at some stage been replaced with the RJ11 and the parallel loop to the office 610 was left disconnected at that point.

I guess in the interim you can just put the modem/router in the kitchen (against the good wife's wishes) at least to get you up and running until a new cat 5/6 tie can be run to the office hopefully using the existing cat 3 (or worse) 4 wire cable as a draw cable for the new one Smiley Wink

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Thanks @orbistat. I'll take a look at running cat5/6 to the office.