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Its been a month since I was given a notice with a date for the installation. Since then I have been waiting for the internet. How frustrating it is to live without internet. I have been using my mobile internet for the last month. I figured out that if there is really any problem regarding Telstra dealer outrage, it would be better to go with wireless broadband. I made a call to cancel and give my money back. I was told that they don't guarantee if I will get the full refund. Rather, I should get compensation on top for making me to purchase a modem and compelling me to use extra mobile data. I tried to cancel but the customer service did not give me any information about how to cancel. At last, they gave me an email id in a condition that they will commence a process to cancel. WTF ... that's what I thought. 
Is there anyone to join with me to lodge a joint complaint with Ombudsman?

Should not they update to the customer about any changes?

Should not they provide us with a copy of Telstra whole problem that Telstra wholesaler would have provided to them as a proof? (otherwise, it could be they just neglect to customers or they could not bear with load and provide false information)

So they just want to get the installation payment?

Should not TPG be paying our mobile extra data and modem costs?


Hi @Crapservice


We've seen your other post and your feedback does matter to us and our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. Please allow us the opportunity to help you out, we’d like to turn your experience around. Please PM us your TPG account details so we can take a closer look at your information and understand the best approach in reaching a resolution.