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'No Vacant Pair Available' during installation

Level 2

Yesterday, I got very confusing email during the process of installation. 


First half says 'No Vacant Pair Available' at my unit and asked me to call on a support number to discuss the alternate solutions. 

The bottom half says, TPG can't provide internet at this location and described the process to get full refund. 


When I called the given number, they said that this email doesn't mean TPG is unable to provide internet and he will escalate the installation request with my address at earliest on Friday and the outcome will be known next week. 


My question is:

If Telstra has already notifed that there are no pairs available, how the escalation of the same request is going to solve this issue?

If there is no vacant pair this week, is TPG going to make any arrangements after installation? 

Does it mean it will cost me extra?






Hi @amitrphal,


Our Provisioning Team will send another request to Telstra to check if there is still an available copper pair (Update from Telstra may take 3-5 working days). If Telstra will inform us that there is still 'No Vacant Pair' the installation won't be completed. The provisioning case manager will contact you on how to proceed the case.