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$540 bill out of nowhere???

Level 2

I added a $50 prepayment on the 4th of january because I was travelling internationally which went through and I got a bill of $540 out of nowhere. I did not add a prepayment of $530 right after i added a $50. I am not sure how to resolve this. Since I am still overseas I haven't been able to contact the customer service via phone. How does TPG has a 60 mins wait in the customer service call EYERYTIME?? 


Hi @notebook4


Thanks for raising this to our attention.


You did not activate your international roaming, right? Because if you did, a $500 prepayment will be purchased.


If not, please send me your TPG mobile and customer ID number along with your email address for us to raise this with our Accounts team and have someone to contact you for further discussion.