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5g home internet cancellation - plz

Level 2

I want to request to cancel my 5G home broadband.
I received and set up the modem on 16/11/2023, no internet, then I called the technical team several times and was promised it would take 24hrs - 48 hrs to activate. Actually, it took over 2 weeks to activate the service!!!
And then, the speed is terrible, the connection is so unstable. I called again and placed the modem on the balcony as the technical team suggested, but still doesn't work. 
So I am requesting to cancel the service, but I cannot find any options in my account!  I contacted the account team many times and they told me that they will email me within 24hrs-48hrs. 
Yeap, 48hrs, another 48hrs and another 48hrs, but the email never came.

I have been waiting for the email for over two weeks, and now I received an invoice? 
Could you please help me to cancel this 5g plan?  Plz anyone can help me?


Hi @promenade1606


We're keen on keeping you on board and help sort out your connection. 


Please send us a private message and we'll go from there. 



Level 2


I have sent you a private message, plz check.

And plz, help me to cancel the plan asap.