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Account Access and Internet LOCK OUT

Level 2

I have 3 TPG accounts and I am currently out of mobile phone/sms coverage working in Antarctica.


My wife contacted me to advise of an internet problem with my home account and that it was unworkable for her to do the work required for teaching her class at school. I advised her to call TPG for assistance where the TPG rep was extremely rude when they advised that my wife was not the account holder and could not be helped. The TPG rep told my wife to "reset the router" and then hung up on her. They then proceeded to initiate a BLOCK on the account and subsequently NO Internet is available on any of our devices at home.


The direction to reset the router completely wiped out the configuration for the modem by reverting to defaults. I have spent all day today and a considerable part of yesterday emailing back and forth getting her, with absolutely no knowledge of networking or the VR1600 to reset the wifi and attempt to get back on line so she can work. Not a chance in hell that I can get all the other settings up and running but at least she should be able to get back I thought.


Despite the modem's DSL and internet lights on and steady, NO INTERNET connection is available.


I am furious at the treatment given to her and the disrespect shown by blocking the account.


To rub salt into the wound, I cannot access the online account, or the phone app without receiving a OTP via SMS....AND I DONT HAVE PHONE COVERAGE!


I spent 1.25hrs on a sat phone yesterday trying to get thru to the help desk and when finally they answered and I explained the situation, they refused to authorise my wife on the account without me quoting the OTP they sent via SMS...DESPITE THAT I EXPLAINED I COULD NOT RECEIVE IT AS I AM IN ANTARCTICA! 


It is not acceptable that I cannot access my account. Many organisations, including the federal government body I work for, use numbers provided by authentication apps to enable access, so why oh why cannot TPG do the same?


This has caused me and my wife an enormous amount of stress as we struggle to unravel the mess directly caused by TPG let alone getting the original problem or poor/flakey internet resolved to enable her to meet deadlines and issues related to the beginning of the school year. 


I need someone from TPG to contact me and directly to work to resolve this cluster**** as a matter of urgency PLEASE!

Level 15

Hi @FJRDogMan . Is internet still not working?

You mention DSL light. Is your connection FTTB or FTTN where DSL port connects to telephone wall socket?

If the Internet light is on, the router has connected to something at TPG, but it might be the config server which is failing to configure the VR1600.

In this state, the router displays a message that it is trying to configure itself. But it can be configured manually. I can give you step by step instructions for VR1600 with Build 220518.