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Account cancellation

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It might affect ur credit rating if money cannot be taken from your account eventually!

Suggest you to follow up with them during and after this virus period in case they put u under default!
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Hi i am alaa hamo i was living at 52 mindanao ave Lethbridge Park please i need to cancel my internet home service because i left from there on 15/3/2020 thanks
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All - I have similarly been trying to cancel my account via the online chat and have been unsuccessful several times.


However, I have since learned what the requried process is, which is:


1. You need to send a request to cancel to:

2. In the email, you need to state: your userID / customerID, account holder name, reason for cancellation, and your requested cancellation date.


That is it - so no need to wait on the chat lines - just do the above. They do note that it takes 24-48 hours to action the request.

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Great suggestions. All of which I have tried myself. I have been waiting patiently for two weeks either on the phone or online at all hours of the day and night. I think it may just suit TPG NOT to help us cancel a service. I have reported them to the Ombudsman as I want the unused service refunded.


Level 3

Sorry, no, the email method doesn't work, they just ignore those too!


The behaviour is borderline fraudulent now. I know the date that I advised them of my cancellation request. If they charge me beyond my notice period I will be doing a credit card chrage back request with my bank to reclaim the funds. End of story seeing as TPG simply will not respond.

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Sorry, but this is BS. They are VERY quick to call back for a new service and intallation, but make us go through hell to cancel.


It's not COVID-19, it's pure greed and stupidity from TPG.

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I have the same issue, too. 


I have been waiting for their responses for 3 weeks, and I got nothing from them. 


What if I cancel my credit card, does TPG still charge me? If so, this is pending payment, and that might affect my credit history, right? 


Can someone help me to confirm whether my credit history would be affected after I cancel my direct debit payment with TPG? 


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I did close my acct in last month. Why I still get charge for yr service.
are you ok? Tpg service like a ** and speed is very slow. it has been since last december. never fix for me, and still try charge the service fee after my acct is closed
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I have no doubt TPG will continue to try and charge you even though they have ignored your cancellation requests...and yes, this will be reflected in your credit history. However you can raise a case with the TIO and they will be forced to have it removed. Just ensure that you have clear records that you attempted to cancel your account.