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Account usage not updating

Level 2

Good evening.


This is my 2nd month with TPG. I am on the NBN with 10G of data per month.  The first month I was regularly checking my usage to ensure I did not go over. I was only ever under 1 GB. I thought this sounded right as I always turn my modem off and Im not a heavy user.  Then, the day before my month was due to switch over I got an email saying I was near my limit.  I figured this was because I was about to move into the next month and it was just letting me know. However the next day I received a message saying I had exceeded the limit and my speed was dropped so low I could not access anything. I tried to advise the man on the phone that my usage had not changed (or changed very little) and was clearly not updating however he didnt seem to be able to provide any answers.

This month the same thing has happened. This time I have a very low data usage though as I have hardly used it given my first experience. The usage states one amount and then the details show a completely different amount. Can someone please advise how I can have this usage updated on a daily basis. It shouldnt be that hard given the total usage is provided in the graph details.  Cant you just link the two?


Thank you