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Hi. I have recently noticed that my download usage has skyrocket without - to the best of my knowledge - having made any changes in my mobile phone behaviour. I find using the 'Your usage' on the My account page being less than helpful. I.e. VERY not up to date making it very difficult to experiment with turning apps on and off to identify any culprits. Does anybody have any suggestions about what apps to avoid to limit downloads?

By the way, does anybody have experience with Google Cromecraft? My question is: If I use my TPG mobile to control Cromecraft on my home TV, will I be debited download on both my 'mobile download', as well as my NBN?

Thank you in advance.


Hi @pgj,


Welcome to the community! 


A new and improved application is now being developed to provide a better experience for our customers. In the meantime, you may utilise My Account: to make account related transaction such as; checking your data usage, making payment, plan change or check your account info.


Regarding your enquiry about the Google Chromecast, that device consumes data in two ways. The first way is if you are using it to watch videos from streaming services like Netflix, Stan or YouTube on your phone or tablet. The whole time you are watching, your Chromecast will be streaming the content using your Wi-Fi network and this will use your data. It also consume data even on idle mode. 


Please don't hesitate to reach out should you need further assistance.