Bad service

Level 2
Why do u need to assess my refund request?you failed to connect my service in the time frame, i waited for a technician who was booked in to attend my property and didnt, u charge a fee if the situtation was reverse, how much is that fee? Failure to attend a booking? U couldn't tell me when my service would be connected, no time frame at all, your customer service is non existent, online & phone support, I have had to pay $200+ mobile data charges for the last 2 months for your incompetence. Pls tell me why you get to keep the money that you took before my service was even connected? It takes 2mins to take my money from my account but has to be assessed to return it to me, why is that? I know I am not the only one, from what I have read & heard TPG have lost quite a few customers. My refund is less than the inconvenience you have put me thru over the last 2months.
-2months of no internet
- I took a day off work for a tech who didnt show up
-i have paid $200+ in extra mobile data
You should be paying me more than what I paid for $89.



Hi @gamnasec 

Could you pls send private message with your  username/Customer ID , Address and Contact details so I can check in our system.