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Below query I asked and still no response?

"As per the upgrade (NBN to 5g home internet) offer from recieved from TPG is 1st month free and 7day trial period. How ever I recieved a bill even before my 7 day trial is finished. In my situation, I got the first modem on january and for 1 month there is no internet. I gopt my modem replaced on 8th feb and litrally I started using internet from there onwards.

Hence as per the offer I am eligible for 1 monthe free starting from 8th Feb to 8th March.My reference number is provide below with invoice attached 



Hi ,


We've deleted your recent comment with your customer ID. Please avoid the posting of personal details on the public page e.g. customer ID, telephone numbers and similar pieces of information as they may compromise your account security. Based on my assessment on your account, your billing cycle has started on 22 Jan which was the first day that we've detected usages on your home wireless connection and it will end on the 21 Feb. Thus, the debit date falls a week in advance which is every 15th of the month.


Let me know if you require further help.