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Billing adjustment request

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Hi TPG Team,


As a customer who has been with TPG for many years, I’m really disappointed with your service and the quality of your hardware. The nightmare started from FTTB was connected.

DEC 2016 – FTTB was connected, my husband picked up a new modem which is part of the contract from warehouse in North Ryde.

JUL 2017– modem stopped working, called TPG support to fix, you guys could not fix it, my husband had to pick up a replacement modem from the same warehouse and return the old one.

FEB 2018– TPG staff chased me to return the old modem which was already returned in JUL 2017.

08 JUN 2018 – the replacement modem stopped working again. Many phone calls were made to fix, but it failed again and again. We were promised thousand times to be called back since 8th, but there were only once or twice. We had to call TPG every couple of days to follow up. However, the modem was still on and off almost every couple of seconds all the time until 18th.























18 JUN 2018 – called again, the answer was to have another replacement modem but on the condition of entering into a new contract which means if we want to leave TPG within the contract (18 month), we will be charged for exit fee. This really surprised us, as a common practice that any hardware should have at least one year warranty. But anyway as we were without internet for days, we got no choice but to agree to enter the new contract.

19 JUN 2018 – Collected new modem, installed. Modem worked for one night ONLY, then we had to call TPG again on 20th and 21st because no one called us back as usual. On 21st we were told to have another replacement modem again.

22 JUN 2018 – collected replacement and returned the old one, 2 employees worked in warehouse promised they will send confirmation for the receipt of the old modem, but we have not received any confirmation until today.

23 JUN 2018 – the only day that we had stable WIFI since 8th June

24 JUN 2018 – both modem and phone stopped working, we called TPG again on 24th, 25th and 26th, finally TPG agreed to send a technician to our home.

2018 JUN 27 – The technician whose name is Michael came in and he said he could not get the wifi work on 2.4GHZ, and he only made 5GHZ working for us. He promised us to follow up the phone issue for us. BUT yet again nothing happened within 24 hours, so I had to call TPG 3 more times to follow up and get the phone work.

Until now – wifi still not work on 2.4GHZ, we had to consult our IT friends and spend  extra money on new modem/extender.

As we did not have stable wifi for almost 3 weeks and we had been through the pain, we think we are definitely entitled to some billing adjustment for not having access to internet. And we want a confirmation that there will be no charge if we leave TPG. Many phone calls were made on the following days, but no call-backs with an answer at all.


Throughout these phone calls, we talked to TPG staffs such as DEO from Technical Support, Weng from Accounts, Dan from accounts, Mark from Accounts, Michael from Accounts, even Supervisor Anna from accounts. They all promised someone would call us back with a resolution for our requests, but so far no one has contacted us at all. So basically we have just been totally ignored by TPG. 



Hi @jincepei34,


Welcome to the community!


I can only imagine how frustrating your experience has been. I went ahead to pull up your account using your community details and I got a match.

One of our Complaints Resolution Case Manager is investigating this case. I will pass this on to them for additional reference and updates will be provided where is possible.






Hi @jincepei34,

I've seen that you have been in touch with one of our Complaints Resolution Case Managers and sent you an email about the case progress.

Let me know should you require further assistance.