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Cancellation ADSL - No notification email?

Level 2

I cancelled my ADSL service yesterday giving my 30-day notice, but haven't received an email notification to this effect. Should I have received confirmation/acknowledgement that my cancellation is being processed? The only notification was the landing screen after hitting submit, which leaves me a little concerned that my cancellation notification might get electronically misplaced.


How do I get TPG confirmation on actioning a cancellation that leaves me with an electronic trail as proof that the cancellation has been effected from TPG's end?



Level 2

Confirmation of cancellation email has just come through. Thank you.


Now to wait on the Accounts department to contact me and finalise cancellation.




Hi monkeyboy


Welcome to TPG Community! 


I've managed to locate the account using your Community details and have seen that the cancellation is in progress. I can also organise a contact to be made should you have further queries pertaining to this concern. 


Just kindly send your best contact number and your most convenient time to receive a call via private message




Level 2


Thank you very much for your assistance. The cancellation process has been straightforward. The cancellations team have provided confirmation of my request.


Thanks to TPG for providing a solid ADSL service. I've had very few issues over the years.  The few issues I've encountered were sorted by TPG and Telstra relatively quickly.


So once again thanks for providing a great ADSL that has served me well over the years.













We regret to see to see that a valuable customer of almost 10 years go but we absolutely appreciate the loyalty, monkeyboy. Smiley Happy


It's always been our goal to provide our customers with the best possible service. We understand your choice and are sorry to see you move on. 


Thank you and we wish you all the best! 



Kind Regards,