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Billing discrepancy

Level 3

TPG  billing really creep me, I just received an statement showing a $10 shipping fee charged 28-06-2018.

What is this shipping fee? Your billing really creep me.


What are you sending to me when I haven't ordered anything?


About 2 weeks ago your technician made the wrong diagnosis & blame my modem for my internet issue. So I place an order for FREE modem with a 6 months contract which need approval before it can proceed. The next day I rang & been told by your customer service that it has not been approved & I immediately request to cancel the order. I even confirm with your customer service that there is no change to my account and that order will not proceed.


So why the $10 shipping fees? Your technician not only given me headache for mis-diagnosis of the internet problem, and now you are charging me for shipping fees when I did not order anything at all.


Get your act together, and don't simply charge without customer knowledge. 


Hope you can contact me to sort out this matter.


Hi @annietan1,


I understand that you've discussed the matter about the $10 charge with our Customer service team and they have already requested the reversal of the said charge. They will provide you a feedback on Monday regarding this.


We've sent them a reminder of this and we will keep an eye on it to make sure that call will be made.





Level 3

Hi Mae

The deduction was taken from my Credit Card.

Could you please request the refund to be returned to the same credit card.

I do not wish the refund to my TPG account but to be refunded to the same credit card they have taken the monies from; return it back to the source TPG has taken it from (as per refund policy in Australia).

After all TPG charged full monthly internet fees on my credit card, I don't see any reason for the refund to be against my TPG account and I have to pay the $10 out of my own pocket towards the credit card.



Hi @annietan1,


The refund has been requested.


Once its approve, the amount will be posted back into the card within 3-5 working days.