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I want to cancel all of my TPG services.

What a horrific experience!!  I've been waiting for an entire day for "customer service", followed by circa 20 follow up messages via "chat", where I was supposedly "put through to the cancellation team". No response after that.


Not giving customers a clear and easy way to cancel their services is a guarantee for TPG that they can charge hundreds of thousands of customers just that little bit more - to improve their bottom line. I will report my grievance to the TIO as a result.

Level 1a

There is something chronically wrong with this company

Level 2

Absolutely. They have no idea what to do other than follow script and they can't actually use their brains to help (as they're based in another country and can barely understand let alone chat in English). The home lockdown situation isn't helping either - meaning they're even more useless.


I've been "put through to the cancellation team" for OVER TWO DAYS now, after starting circa 30 chats (many more since my last post)- waiting after they ask for my account verification details, and they say they'll put me through to an account specialist or a cancellation team member.. They then ask me to stay in the chat, which I do for up to 3 hours (I close the browser tab after that). I'm ashamed to ever have used TPG to provide my home with internet services.


Level 4

Send an email to with the details of your account.

Level 2

Hi @blackhat88 thanks for the tip - I am doing that as we speak. But this is purely based on chats and people (not from TPG) replying to posts on forums? Where in TPG's Terms and Conditions does it state that I should send an email to that address? It just says "written notice" - no email address or even a physical address! This sounds very badly of a mechanism designed to keep customers along those extra days so they can charge more.

Level 4

If you can get through to the online chat, I think they would tell you to email to that email address too. 30 days written notice and you have the sent email as proof. Should be fine. Else you can take extra measures if TPG keeps debiting your account such as make complaints to TIO.

Level 3

They don't respond to either, however you will get an automated acknowledgement which you can treat as the start of your 30 day notice period...when you have to argue your case in future.

Level 2

I'm just amazed that nowhere on their website does it say to email "". That alone is enough to warrant a complaint to the TIO. Thanks for the help all, I've now emailed the cancellation email address - hopefully someone responds within the next week or so.