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I have just spoken with TPG to cancel my ADSL service as I have sold my property.

When I finally got connected to someone at TPG, i was advised that a 30 day notice period is applicable to this cancellation.

I had no knowledge of there being a cancellation/notice period.  To my knowledge I have never signed or been made aware of this.

I queried with the operator several times as to when I would have been advised of this notice period.  She did/could not answer the question and avoided answering it by continuing to state that it is a 30 day notice period.

I also advised her that i had tried to call several times last week without success.  She ignored this also and stated that the 30 day notice period commences from when I email TPG to notify the cancellation.

Had I know any of this I would have cancelled my service earlier.  To apply a 30 day notice period that i had no knowledge of my account is inappropriate.  Can TPG please provide evidence to me that this is something I agreed to when I took over the service from the previous account holder in June 2014.  

This is poor customer service TPG.

Thank you





Hi @jmarland ,


Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention and we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.


I've managed to pull your account using your community details. I understand that this account was transferred to you in year 2014. It was indicated on the change of ownership form in Box D - Agreement that "you have read, understood and agree to abide by TPG’s Terms and Conditions as stated overleaf, and verify that you are over 18 years of age and able to enter into a legally binding contract."


You may check the form here for your reference.


Let me know should you have further queries that I can assist you with.


Best regards,


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I have sent TPG an official cancellation notice on Sunday,(15/93/2020) to have my ADSL account closed. I have not received any response even though it was said that I would be contacted by the cancellation department within 2 business days. I want to know what is going on ASAP. Many thanks.

Hi @mihaimasca,


We've replied to your other post in for the same matter. 


Best regards, 


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I am trying to have my adsl service cancelled. I called and they gave me this web site. luck with that