Level 3
I need to cancel my TPG service.

I have not been able to install the modem and commence this service.

I have tried repeatedly to call, email and access online chat support to get help with installing and commencing the service, and have not been able to reach or speak with anyone to confirm that the installation will ever be completed and usable.

This is not what I signed up for and is adding a high amount of unnecessary stress in a time that is already stressful for many.

Yes, you are also no doubt busy in these times, but it is simply not okay in any way to have no support in place.

I have no problem waiting if TPG is overwhelmed, but I am not at all okay with a service that literally offers no support or anyone at all to speak to via any medium, so that I am able to be informed of what is happening and needed.

Your automated email reply indicated you would likely be back in touch within 4 business hours and I have heard from no-one in over a week.

As of today I am cancelling this service and will return the unused modem by post.

You do not have permission to implement any charges at all, as I have not even been able to set up the service, let-alone use it.

If any unauthorised charges from TPG appear (i.e. any charges at all) I will notify my bank that this is unauthorised and illegal.

Please let me know when this cancellation has been completed.
Level 2

Be careful! you may need to block your card as they will keep taking you money and you can't do anything. 


They have no honesty and are taking what they can get from their customers who are now trying to leave...

Level 3
Thanks Tom.