Cancel my Account

Level 2


I need to cancel my account. I waited on the chat line on the 21st March, and after an hour they said someone would contact me in the next 1 to 2 days.
I was contacted this morning by phone, from an overseas call centre, and was unable to take the call. They left a return phone number, but said it so quickly I couldn't make it out.
I tried the chat line today twice, and Aurora said she would transfer me to Cancel department, and nothing happened.
I no longer use your services and need to cancel this account asap, as I am being charged for something I'm not using, despite my persistent and patient efforts to do the right thing, and follow your new guideline.
Please make contact with me, and facilitate this cancellation process ASAP.
I am very unhappy with the service so far, and that's taking into account what's happening with the virus.