Cancel my FTTB service

Level 2
Hi there,
On 8th of march I asked one of the customer service team to cancel my fttb service from my previous address as i moved to the new house and got to know that i have to give 30days notice as i am not lock in contract. I was not informed about this before when i moved my service once 6th month ago. Firstly, i asked to move the service and different team told me different cost and process about moving the service i got very confused and did’t get efficient solution and help as well so, i decide to cancel it. the team send me an email with either fill the form or email to i emailed to with the details asked to provide for the cancellation but got no response till now. May i know what’s going on with my request and as i was unknown about 30days notice i want refund for rest of the days after 12th of march. Please email me asap.