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I've been a TPG customer since July 2015 and I cannot stand the unreliability of services.

I've contracted for NBN bundle after on-line and phone harassment by TPG salespeople, and waited a whole day at home for a technican who never came yesterday.

Had no calls nor informaiton from TPG.

Now I'm offered an installation on the 4th March.

You guys are clown, I'm going to a wireless internet with Optus and will have far less headache.

How do I canel any contract with TPG?


Hi @jcmhnougaret,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We apologise for the inconvenience and we regret to hear that you've decided to cancel the service due to ongoing delay with the NBN installation.


We'll raise this with our Service delivery team and have your case manager to contact you today between 1PM - 2PM to discuss your request.


Kind regards,