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Cancel unconnected NBN service

Level 1c

TPG, please cancel the new NBN service I paid for in mid March which still hasn't been connected.

Please rarrange a full refund and advise me where to send your modem to.

thanks: username twokiwiboys1960


Hi @Twokiwiboys1960 

Before cancelling, do you mind if i ask what seems to be your problem and is there anything i can assist you with?

You can post here or PM(Private Message) me for a private discussion about your service.

There is also a new ''TPG Mobile APP'' to help you with various trouble-shooting and account issues, via a mobile phone app.

Kind regards,

Level 1c
Hi David,
Neither TPG or NBN have been able to install my service (refer to my account files) and there's no date in sight that this might happen.  I'm tired of waiting, so due to TPG's inability to deliver what I paid for a long time ago I want to cancel and get my $$ back.

Hi @Twokiwiboys1960 


PM sent for some direct help.