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Cancellation of ADSL2+ IMMEDIATELY to avoid further billing

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I recently connected to your ADSL2+ service (no lock in contract) after having moved into a new home and after only 2 weeks, I would like to request to have this cancelled immediately so as not to incur the next months billing charge.


The reason for this request is that i've been extremely disappointed in your ADSL2+ speed (i'm only getting 300-400kbps which in this day and age effectively means no internet as i'm unable to even browse web pages). As a result, I'm actually surprised that you offer such a poor ADSL2+ service to my area given the distance from the exchange as well as some of your key competitor ISPs not offering ADSL2+ at all. 


Further, I an extremely disappointed in your poor level of customer service. I have tried on numerous occasions to get in touch with your customer support team via your recommended channels with no avail and while I appreciate this is not exactly normal operating procedures due to the current pandemic situation, each time I have tried to contact you I'm placed in a queue of over 50 people, thus I have no hope of actually getting through to any customer support that way. 


Could you please arrange to contact me as soon as possible to organise this disconnection.


Thank you.





My records shows that your service has been disconnected, please advice if you still have some issues